Friday, 13 March 2015

16 Things That Are Actually Ok


1. That if you look at Instagram, it would appear that everyone is more successful than you. Just remember that the person the step behind you is looking at your account and thinking that. And also remember that everyone photoshops themselves.

2. That you don't know what Hemp powder or Spirulina are. You've got through life without them ok so far.

3. That you don't have wild, up for anything sex all the time. Missionary is the most common for a reason, and in real life Anastasia Steele would almost definitely have Cystitis constantly.

4. That people on your Facebook might be getting pregnant, but you can't imagine a day when you don't have a full blown panic attack if you're a day late or slightly bloated. 

5. If your friends/that girl from work have more Twitter followers than you. They're invisible followers, not friends.

6. To sometimes eat a whole packet of biscuits in one go. As long as it's not an every night thing, you're probably fine.

7. That you wear most of your items of clothing regularly. NORMAL PEOPLE DO THIS. It may be the fashion blogger way, but if you buy something and only wear it once that's generally a stupid purchase. 

8. To not always have freshly washed hair. Who has the time? 

9. If you listen to music that's socially unacceptable for your age group. One Direction are lovely boys.

10. To start a list or letter again if you make a spelling mistake. It doesn't matter if it's just your food shop, it needs to look lovely in your pretty notepad.

11. To only use Salt, Pepper, and occasionally Paprika. Paprika is exotic, ok? It's red.

12. That if you live with someone, they only see you in pajamas. Who are these people that wear jeans at home and are they ok.

13. That most of your wages go on paying to live in London/whatever big city you live in, therefore you can't actually afford to do anything now you're there. Don't worry, you're still getting the..umm..ambience. And everyone else is at home watching Netflix too.

14. To whittle your friendship group down. Once you get out of school/uni, no one needs those girls that bring drama and that you're only friends with out of habit. Those ones that only speak to you when they want something? It's them. 

15. If you actually really enjoy those days where you clean your flat and do all your washing. You feel productive, the house feels ready for unexpected guests (not that any ever turn up) and you have first pick out of all your clothes (aka..pants. You don't have to wear those horrible lacy ones that bunch up).

16. If all of these apply to you. 

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