Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Colours.


Um, can anyone guess the theme I'm going for this year? I don't know if it's obvious? All my old decorations are pink and silver (don't judge, I was 15 and had a pink bedroom) but now I'm a proper adult (HA), and in a lovely, gold-themed grown up flat I OBVIOUSLY have to re-buy decorations. Shame, as I obviously hate shopping. 

Tee hee.

Christmas colours

90% of these are from George Home, which is so cheap and so great. You go Glen Coco.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Crabby Winter.


I don't know what it is about Christmas shopping that, after a while,  just makes me want to spend money on myself instead. The shops bring out all their best stuff, right when I'm supposed to be buying things for others, and I almost want to say "SOD YOU ALL, THIS YEAR I'M ONLY BUYING THINGS FOR ME. DO NOT GIVE ME PRESENTS, THAT'S COOL, AND DON'T EXPECT ANY EITHERR. SPEND YOUR MONEY ON YOURSELVES," to all my loved ones. 

I could go without a lot of the generic "she's a girl, she likes nail varnish" presents (now don't get me wrong, I do like nail varnish. But personally I would prefer one relatively decent bottle to a set of three that look like they came out of a cracker and have the consistency of pritstick), and I honestly don't know how many more trios of lipgloss I can stand (I'm not being ungrateful..I don't wear lipgloss and I never have). I put a lot of time, effort and money into Christmas presents (as much as I'm moaning, I do actually really enjoy it) and sometimes when I open ANOTHER nail file kit I wonder why I bother. (Is it just me? Am I a rotten human? But I mean if I don't already own a nail file kit).

BUT you know that's not the point, and I fundamentally love Christmas more than (almost) anyone I know, I think I'm just having a minor breakdown about all the wonderful stuff in the shops that I want and can't afford. And you know, having to prepare my grateful face for the onslaught of distant relatives who mean well, but would have been better off giving me a fiver. And spending ages trying to get a present for them that doesn't mean that they have to whack out their fake grateful face in return (because believe me, I don't think I'm some saint of Christmas who never gets it wrong!).

I don't quite know what happened to this post. It was just going to be a simple wishlist and then I started ranting and lost control of myself. I need to reign it in before I accidentally get all grinch on myself and start saying I hate Christmas. are the things I'd buy myself if I decided to boycott Christmas. 

Cosy Winter

On a much more cheerful note, because I am actually getting really overexcited about Christmas (apart from the little brain fart that this post turned into), I've bought half my presents already and have even already wrapped them. This included finding sellotape which has little sprouts with smiley faces on it which I think might be the best thing that's ever happened to me.

What I Wore Today