Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Style Lessons from Gossip Girl.


and..um, Brooklyn.

I recently decided to start watching Gossip Girl again as something easy to "pop on" in the evenings while I got dinner ready and stuff..and obviously I got really obsessed with it again and watched all of it back to back, much to the annoyance of my poor boyfriend. 

I mean even though it annoys me that *SPOILER ALERT* stupid Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl and they're all instantly ok with it (and ignore the fact that he reacts to posts when he's alone) it's still just so good, and the fashion is bloody GREAT. I think I love it more every time I watch. They've made everyone have such individual style, while all the outfits tie together so well.

So in the spirit of making more of an effort (because half of the outfits they wear to bed are nicer than my best clothes) I thought I'd put together a post of lessons we can learn from them.


Ohhh QUEEN B (the original, sorry Bey) Now I know this might be controversial, as Serena is generally deemed the queen of fashion, and hair, and pouting, and everything else really, but Blair was always my favourite and I'm so inspired by her wardrobe (headbands aside). The "dictator of taste" mixes colours and prints perfectly, and always hits just the right level of clashing co-ordination. When I'm wondering if a combination is a bit too "out there" I often find myself thinking WWBWD. 

And I mean..let's bow down to the Elie Saab Couture wedding dress. And don't forget that TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS.

LILY VAN DER WOODSEN/BASS/HUMPHREY/BASS (the woman can't control herself)

This is a woman that knows how to ACCESSORISE. The rules that you shouldn't wear necklaces with earrings, or with busy tops, or any other jewellery rules you think you know? Throw them out the window. Layer like Lily.


Now our Little J is a bit of what not to do, in my eyes. Sure, she teaches us to show off our assets (when did those legs appear?) and that you should keep your style no matter what the occasion, but she also looks like she needs a good wash, and the less said about those extensions the better. I almost have to skip the scenes where she appears because they (and her bratty attitude) make my head hurt. I was relieved she got banished to Hudson, not only because she nearly destroyed my favourite fake couple ever.


Couldn't really find many of her outfits that I liked to be honest..let's say she teaches us to stick to our heritage and what we know.


Not only does she let us know that it's ok to be pale, she manages to not looks boring in a wardrobe of mainly black and grey, down to some sparkle and killer accessories. And was it just me that was really pleased that she ended up with Jack Bass? Sort of happy for them even though they're both sick in the head?



HERE SHE IS. What can I even say? She knows exactly how to make the most of her figure (not hard, with a figure like that) and has the most unbelievable array of STUNNING party dresses, most of which are probably nicer than my wedding dress will be. She also knows the power a great jacket has to change an outfit, and that you can get away with most things if your hair looks great.

And then because I felt SO INSPIREDD I put together some outfits with our gals in mind, if they were still going strong today.  

Rules to live by seem to be clash your prints and textures, don't be afraid of colour, be brave and ALWAYS WEAR HEELS (because who doesn't look better in heels?)

Inspired by Gossip Girl

Toss up for my favourite outfit is between the one with the leopard print top, and the sequin midi skirt. I wish both of them were in my wardrobe!

Who was your favourite style icon when you watched it? Are there any style tips you take from them?

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