Tuesday, 10 June 2014

When Kimono Dreams Come True.


Style-wise, I love something long, floaty, and a bit pointless. Which is why kimonos make me so happy. I've had this River Island one on my Polyvore for months, and stare at it sadly whenever I go in to store. I even tried it on once, to torment myself I imagine, as I couldn't justify buying it. 

HOWEVER when I got an email saying it had gone on sale, I couldn't move fast enough. I was at a family BBQ, mid conversation and I just legged it to a corner to buy it without disruption. Rude? Yes. Necessary? Even more yes. Can't say I regret it.

Please excuse my hair, my highlights are overdue and instead of getting them done I went on a pre-holiday clothing and tanning oil spree. I did find some perfect black sandals after years of hunting (Primark, below) so my hair will just have to wait. I'm still pretending that one day I'll be brave and cut it all off. Not going to lie, it also just needs a good wash. An outfit picture wasn't in my plan for today (it never is) and had I known I'd probably have at least put a bit more dry shampoo into it.

Please also excuse my thighs. Despite living off salads pre holiday they have refused to shrink.

What I Wore Today