Thursday, 28 February 2013

Glorious Gucci.


How utterly gorgeous and sexy is this Gucci advert? My only wish was that her hair wasn't in a little ponytail. Other than that it is perfection.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Monochrome and Maxi Lengths.


Ok, so my new years resolution to start blogging properly might not have got off to the best start.
I've decided that I don't care, and that everyone knows January doesn't count. 

Anyway, jumping right into an outfit post, I decided to get in on the monochrome trend early. I've never liked harem pants before (as they're generally savagely unflattering on me) but I was given a Next voucher for my birthday and  these took my fancy. (And they were all I could find).
I did find I had to wear heels with them though so dressed them up a bit when I went out for dinner for my birthday.
I was quite pleasantly surprised by them, and they were a fantastic choice for eating pizza in.

Wind got away with me a little bit there.

Top, heels and necklace - all Topshop.
Trousers - Next
Bag - New Look
Coat/jacket - Vintage

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