Friday, 4 April 2014

Mermaid Dreams.


Why are so many of my posts about mermaids? I can't really explain my dream of being a mermaid. I partly blame the Little Mermaid; as the only redheaded Disney princess she probably gave me hope that I'd find a prince, even while I grew more ginger by the day. Then I saw Daryl Hannah in Splash and that was that. 

I don't understand it, since I hate having a wet face and the feeling of wet hair on my neck makes me well twitchy and cross. As you can imagine, I'm a dream to go on holiday with.

Anyway, last time I reverted to being five and plaited my hair before I went to bed, a friend told me the next day that I had mermaid hair. I nearly kissed her. So now I do it regularly and I wake up feeling a bit closer to the mermaid dream. So today I finished the feeling off with a fishtail little skirt. I'm only one step away from throwing myself in the bath fully clothed to see if I grow a tail.

I've also found the perfect lilac jumper, but we'll go into my confused feelings for lilac another day.

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