Monday, 7 April 2014

Hey Paul.


I was making a new Polyvore wishlist and noticed that all the bags I was adding into my outfits were by Paul's Boutique. Over the past few seasons Paul's Boutique has had a huge makeover, and it's now my secret go-to for bags because no-one expects it. They still have their core, more "out there" bags, but gone are the giant slogans and cheap looking decorations. They're introducing more and more gorgeous, elegant designs in perfect colours. The Violet bag (below, in blue) is pretty high on my to-buy list, because I've got it in bright pink and I love it. The Fleur (the white clutch) is a blogger favourite.

What can I say, I <3 PB. And if Burberry deserved a second chance, doesn't everyone?

Paul's Boutique Wish List

Have a look at their new bags here.

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