Friday, 28 February 2014

Crazy Claws.


My boyfriend bought me some fake nails as part of my stocking at Christmas (bless him) and I'm just getting round to wearing they're a little bit moreee..mental? than my nails are used to. In his words, "I got you the fruitiest looking ones I could find, as I know you like weird things."

Well, he's right. I do. And they are fruity. And long, pointy and multicoloured. And I can't make up my mind whether I like them. They're completely impractical and texting him to tell him I had them on proved too difficult. If he doesn't hear from me for days it's entirely his own fault. I've also scratched my face twice already and I'm too scared to attempt the toilet. But they are jazzy and fun and summery, so I really have no idea of my verdict on them. Not that it matters, because they're glued on now and that's that. 

Thoughts? Any strong feelings either way? 

Just in case you love them, they're House of Holland by Elegant Touch and you can get them in Boots. There's a pooey green one in the pack as well but I didn't want that on my hand, which is why I have two orange ones.

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