Wednesday, 19 March 2014

(Soon to be) Happy Feet.

(Soon to be)


Shoes are my weakness. And not in the normal, I-love-shoes-so-much-I'll-sell-my-relatives for them way. In the way that mine are often a bit rubbish. 

Don't get me wrong..I love shoes. Really love shoes. But they're generally more expensive than clothes, especially boots in winter. When I'm trying to resist spending (even if I'm failing) they always seem that bit too pricey, and shelling out £50+ always seems a step too far. Plus, I have strange shaped feet and a lof of the styles I love look stupid, or hurt, so I tend to find one pair I love and wear them to death (Topshop Mighty boots, I'm looking at you). And buying practical shoes that you'll wear every day just isn't that exciting.

But, I've decided, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. No more will my outfits be let down by sub-standard shoes. This summer I'm focusing on my feet and buying pretty, neutral shoes that will help my clothes to realise their full potential. 

Obviously I can't buy all of the below as I'm clearly not a millionaire (waaaa) but I'm hoping that the top row will all find a place in my life. The pink Zara ones (furthest right on the second row) are so beautiful that I want to take them to bed with me and cry, but realistically they aren't that useful. Such is life. 

Links to all of them are on my Polyvore!

Neutral Spring Shoes

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