Thursday, 13 March 2014

Iris London.


Having parts is a double edged sword. On one hand, you have no boobs, so you know, that’s a negative. Lingerie designed to be “sexy” looks silly (on me anyway) and I have no doubt that I'd be more charming if I had something noticeable to thrust at people. I'd probably get my own way a lot more too. But on the other hand, we have a lot more bra options when we don’t have to worry about where they’re headed without proper supervision and support.

I'm always on the lookout for underwear that can make me feel girly and feminine despite the natural circumstances given to me. That's why I like new brand Iris. It's a London brand based in Hackney, and all the pieces are handmade and designed by the super-talented founder, Ellie. The fabrics are beautiful; silk, eyelash lace, all in pretty colours and flattering styles with amazing attention to detail.

With underwear making an appearance in a lot of the catwalk shows and sheer being huge for spring, having nice underwear has never been more important. A washed out, 5-year-old La Senza number isn't going to cut it anymore (DAMMIT). Iris's range of longer-line and soft-cut bras are perfect for this, all the soft ones are double lined so give a bit more support than some soft ones I could mention (cough New Look cough). Top of my list is the Harlow, I love that it's a racer back as I've been searching for a nice racerback bra my whole life (ok that's a lie, but I have needed one for a good few years. I have a pretty top that's stewing in the back of my cupboard, waiting for a bra like this to walk (bounce? sashay?) into my life). 

And don't get me started on the Ink bra. So nice that I'm considering wearing it as a top. I don't know if that's a step too far? But these are bras that are designed to be seen, and to be honest it's a shame to cover them up. Realistically, I pretty much want to be one of their campaign girls. 

But I'm not that thin or that cool, so I'll be wearing them more like this. {Featuring the Harlow Pastel and Ink bra}. A little bit more subtle I think.

Iris London

What's more, if you weren't in the back of the queue when they were handing out boobs, they go all the way up to a DD. So you get to look booby AND pretty. If this is the case, please don't speak to me. It's cruel, and I'll just make you uncomfortable by staring.

If you want to check out Iris, you can find them here:
TWITTER: @Iris_London

Maybe I'll just leave this blog post open on my laptop, and if my poor boyfriend is as sick of my horrible old bras as I am, he'll make some of my bra shaped dreams come true.

I think it's time my underwear had an overhaul. Girls, it's time to invest in your breasts.


  1. love this! I need to get my hands on these undies! never heard of the brand before until I stumbled across your blog! I love it especially the ones that you can get away with wearing as part of an outfit!!

  2. These are so pretty, I love the lacy one the model is wearing.


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