Wednesday, 5 August 2015

August Inspiration and Wishlist.


The weather getting a bit more miserable over the last couple of days has made me start to think about Winter dressing again (after oooh, say, a month of summer dressing?) and I'm not going to lie I'm actually a bit excited about it. There's something about September approaching that brings a back-to-school feeling and makes me want to re-invent myself and my wardrobe. 

I want one of those ultra chic wardrobes where everything goes with everything else and is just highlighted by the odd jazzy, fashiony bit. So from now on I want to buy everything in black, white and grey with some animal prints thrown in, and really focus on interesting cuts, shapes, textures and layering rather than being distracted by what colour I need to wear to co-ordinate. I also feel like it might challenge me a bit more styling-wise to have to try and find new ways to make what I own more exciting and different so I don't always look like I'm wearing the same things. Wouldn't a 3-way colour palette make my life easy? It's a nice plan but it'll all go out of the window when I spot some crazy feathery contraption in bright orange that makes my heart go mental.


With that in mind, this is my "if I was rich" list, that I may try my best to work my way through when I get the urge to buy something. I've already got the Zara dress at the bottom (on the model) so, you know, I'm off to a good start. 1 out of 30 isn't bad. 

Monochrome and Animal Print

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