Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pre-Spring Update.


I completely couldn't afford to go shopping, but I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and I had nothing appropriate to I think that justifies it. And I couldn't resist picking up a few bits that make me feel excited about Spring and Summer..if they ever appear.

Utterly perfect shoes for all occasions, from Primark.

I feel a new purse was justified as mine has needed replacing ever since it got run over by a car (don't ask). Purse is from River Island, cuff is from Tesco of all places.

I can't resist a statement necklace so I had no hope when I saw these. Necklaces are from Dorothy Perkins.

In real life it doesn't look that much shinier than regular nail varnish but I still really like the colour.
This last image is just a teaser of the outfit that I'm wearing to the wedding..outfit post will hopefully be up on Saturday!

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