Sunday, 9 December 2012

A New Blog.


GIRL HI. You might have come here because you read my old blog (unlikely) or you might be new and have found me some other way.

I tried to blog before but never really got into it, I generally just found it a bit awkward and embarrassing talking about myself and posting pictures of what I wore like I thought I was super fashionable. I don't, but I do love fashion and I shop a lot so figured some people might be interested, and it'll be a good place to collect everything fashiony that I'm interested in. (I'm almost sure fashiony is a word, and if it isn't then it should be).
I've decided to have another crack at it.

I'll apologise for the quality of some of my pictures in advance. I'll try to get someone to take outfit pictures when I can, but some will always be cringey mirror pictures. Since losing my camera on a night out (clever) all I have is my phone, and while it is wonderful it's not ideal.

So, happy reading I guess?

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